the Ski Clicker

The Ski Clicker has many features making it an advantage towards using the ski boot when mounting skis.

Low Weight

SkiClicker weigh no more than 1kg, which is half the weight of a ski boot.

Durble Construction

SkiClicker is made by carefully picked materials for extra robust and reliable construction.

Attractive Design

With a thoughtful and clean design, the SkiClicker very well blend into your workspace making it look good.

One tool replacing all ski boots

With SkiClicker, you set correct sizes and can mount all alpine skis.


With a low center of gravity and compact shape, its very stable on the work bench with no risk of tipping like a ski boot.


SkiClicker has an ergonomic handle grip which makes it easy to handle when mounting.

Space Efficient

With the SkiClicker only a quarter of the volume of a ski boot, you get plenty of space on your work bench.

Easy to adjust

With a good handle grip and push button, you easily set the correct size in no time.