Why should you work with the SkiClicker?

Well, for us and our existing customer its very obvious.
Enable your customers, the skier, to spend as much of their valuable holiday time as possible in the slopes. Make your staff want to come back each year as you can offer them the best and most attractive work place there is and show them that you value them high. Last but not least, who doesn't want to do good business? You will do so by spending time on whats important, sales and customer service.


By working with the SkiClicker® in the rental shop, skier never have to remove their ski boot for binding adjustments after finding ones that fit. Once adjustment and payment is done, they are ready for the slopes.

Skier will spend a lot less time in the shop, they will not risk getting wet from snow on the floor and they will get a much better rental experience. This is customer satisfaction.


The staff will experience a much better working environment with less crowded and noisy areas. Their work process will be much faster and with better ergonomics. They will not have multiple ski boots taking space on the work bench. This will result in happy staff.


By working with the SkiClicker® your staff will work much faster and therefor free a lot of time. Time that can be spent on profitable activities such as more sales and better service to customers. This will result in happy staff, happy customer and this generates better business for the shop.