A Swedish innovation - for mounting and adjusting alpine ski bindings.
We are a Swedish company with long time experience from the ski industry.
With our unique solution, your company can save a lot of time and focus on whats important - customer value.

How it started
We had many years in the ski business behind us, mounting skis the whole winters. We got tired of spending a lot of time fetching and replacing the ski boots to use, for mounting the customers skis. Not to mention during the spring time, when our store did not have all the correct sizes in stock. This had us to use the yardstick, which was very time consuming not always easy.
We thought there must be a solution to be more time efficient and make the work easier.
On top of the waste of time, the workshop got filled up by ski boots, taking space and could easily tip over making the work more stressful. And in the shop area, there were sizes missing due to our mounting process.
All the extra time we spent on using the ski boot when mounting, resulted in long waiting time for our customers.
This was not okay.

The idea of a mounting tool quickly grew in our mind and developed in drawings and prototypes. After many months of product development and several tests, made at carefully picked ski shops and ski rentals, we have a product. A complete new unique tool, the SkiClicker.

The SkiClicker is a big benefit for many parts.
The shop manager will save time and money by having staff spending less time on non-profit activities.
The mounting staff will have easier work process and can spend more time on helping customers.
The end consumer - skier - will spend less time waiting and more time skiing.

So don't try figure out if this is something for you, but decide whether you want to keep spending time on not mounting your skis.