SkiClicker is a new and innovative mounting tool that will revolutionise the mounting and adjustment of alpine bindings. No matter if its a local ski shop or a ski resort with over 200 mounting disks, the SkiClicker will cut the mounting time in half.
With the use of SkiClicker, you never have to leave the work bench during mounting of the binding. The tool only weigh half of a ski boot and takes up very little space compared to all ski boots used.
So, on top of all the time you save by using the SkiClicker, it also makes the work more user friendly and safe.
In the rental shops, there is also a result of increased value for the customers. By more time efficient mounting process, the customers spend less time in the shop and more time in the slopes.


By using the SkiClicker instead of a ski boot when mounting an alpine ski binding, you cut the mounting time by 50%


SkiClicker is easy to handle. The mounting tool has - compared to a ski boot - half the weight, lower pressure point and an ergonomic handle grip. You also increase the safety by (1) eliminating the fetching and replacing of ski boots from shelves high up and (2) not filling the work bench with several ski boots that might tip over on you or the customer.


By shorter waiting time for your customers - the skier -  they spend less waiting time in the shop and more time in the slopes.

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